Sexy malaysian women

This talented entertainer is currently working as an actress but she plans on getting back into music. But it is very colorful and festive. Hanif is known for her role on the comedy show Puteri and she also appears in various films such as Mencari Cinta. She is not only pretty but smart as well. Karim has won many awards for her performances.

Sexy malaysian women

Nur Fazura Sharifuddin September 27, - Malaysian actress. Karim has won many awards for her performances. She earned two Golden Globe nominations for her work on this program. This tantalising Malaysian media darling is a hottie of epic proportions. They have intelligence and talent and can do so much more than just look pretty for the camera. Nur Fazura Nur Fazura has made her mark in the entertainment world by playing on shows such as Teens World. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Fasha Sandha born 28 March Johore - Malaysian actress, the most beautiful among all Malaysian women. Belinda Chee is also a football fan and hosts Astro Supersport — Football Overload where she gets to meet professional players. Nora is an elegant and respectable beautiful woman and any man would be glad to call her wife. She can not only act and sing she is also a fashion icon. Carmen Soo Carmen Soo is a model and actress who began her career in her late teens. She is a very beautiful young lady who is the proud mother of 2 children. She has received many honors for her work. This young Malaysian girls acting career is heating up and she is expected to be making many more films in the coming future. She is very much a good-looking honey that she was married to the son of a former Malaysian Parliament speaker. Wawa Zainal March 12, - Malaysian actress and model. She is a distinguished actress that has a lot to offer in terms of her beauty and her glamorous good looks. She is especially known for Puma of Malaysia and she does lifestyle magazines as well. She is the type of woman that would make many Malaysian men glad that she came from their country. Here is a look at the top 10 most beautiful women in Malaysia in She is an amazing looking female with brown hair and an extremely beautiful appearance. Comments 7 There are mostly muslims are living in Malaysia. All of these Malaysian women have more than just a pretty face. She is also a model that has smoldering good looks and a tantalising style. All this is very closed and chastely. She is best known for her role on air Mata Maria.

Sexy malaysian women

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  1. Fazura is a great all around performer. People also know Chee from the hit show Goodnight DJ.

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