Sex transmutation rock music

From the intelligent combination of sexual yearning and spiritual enthusiasm arises, as if by enchantment, magic Consciousness. It is possible to seminate the brain. Let us remember the twelve halls of the zodiac, the twelve spheres of cosmic vibration within which the Solar Humanity must develop. Sexual energy is the best fuel that exists — use it wisely. Sex is the number one reason we, as men, do anything. The love and support of a woman is essential for success — most successful men had a good woman behind the scenes. Maybe you think it is related to the years of age, to time. These hormones, produced by all the glands in general, enrich the blood stream extraordinarily, and then ailments disappear, illnesses disappear. To touch in medical terms upon the most profound aspects of the mysteries of sex is similar to Odysseus opening the bag in which Aeolus gave him the trapped winds.

Sex transmutation rock music

A wise author said: It has degenerated simply because for many centuries we have been extracting from our organisms the Entity of the semen. Hydrogen 96 corrresponds to bromine Br , atomic weigh 80; hydrogen corresponds to iodine I , atomic weight But we need to regenerate it. Maybe you think it is related to the years of age, to time. And I only did it because I focused my sexual energy into something highly productive. The brothers and sisters in the Gnostic movement are already quite familiar with the hydrogens 48, 24, 12 and 6, because we have studied them in our previous Christmas Messages. Obviously, the Svadisthana Chakra, which is fundamental for the mastery of sexual transmutation, is located there. You would not, of course, go and insult the host obviously not , but surely you would very decently leave. It is our biology, our DNA. And actually, we have not extracted it to give life to other creatures, certainly not: It is possible to seminate the brain. That sexual energy rises then through specific ultra-sensible channels of the spinal column which are related to the Vagus and the Sympathetic nervous systems up to the brain. In his time the scientist Prout already declared that the different elements of nature were being formed through condensations of the simplest element: It is an invention of the mind. Sexual hormones, for example, work miracles when they enter the blood stream: Being highly sexed i. Let me tell you about how I started making money. I ask myself and I ask you: Neither hormones nor patented vitamins are what we need for life, but rather authentic knowledge of YOU and ME, hence the interchange of the most selected, affective and erotic faculties between man and woman. So, since their third testicular layer is not producing enough zoosperms, the poor old men do not have new ideas, because their brain cells are atrophied and certain areas are not working. When the White Man came with his sexual energy focused and directed he found the Indian still living in Teepee's, not wearing clothing, shitting in the forest, and living like savages. No man can avail himself of the forces of his creative imagination, while dissipating them. This most interesting aspect of the hydrogens is the field of occult chemistry or Gnostic chemistry and, it being quite difficult, we prefer for the good of our students to study it gradually in each of our Christmas Messages. It is now known in medicine that only a minimal part of our brain is working, carrying out its functions.

Sex transmutation rock music

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  1. It is most interesting to see how they pass from one small vessel to another, climbing through the spermatic cords, until they reach the seminal vesicles, where the sperm is purified even more all those zoosperms , until they reach the prostate, where there is a very important chakra.

  2. The decadent over-indulgence in sex is a one-way ticket to Failure village with a layover in Stagnation town.

  3. Let us remember the twelve halls of the zodiac, the twelve spheres of cosmic vibration within which the Solar Humanity must develop.

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