Sensei and sex

Apparently, to denote one's aristocracy, one wore intricate clothing combinations. Actually, he was snickering. Besides, Sai is a ghost, I mean, unless there was some other ghost to do it with or something, it looks like you're not getting any, Sai! It was a common social aspect of life, especially for aristocrats, monks, and the warrior caste. And with such brusqueness, too! However, since stoicism is considered 'masculine' by English speakers at this time, men who display their emotions are seen as 'unmanly' childish, feminine, weak, even gay. When I first started reading the series, I thought that he was a woman too! A high ranking bureaucrat:

Sensei and sex

He'd be pretty sexy without the earings and lipstick. Do we really believe that both Hikaru and Sai would fall flat on their backs with their feet in the air during the insei test? Why, with the proper way of teaching and a proper teacher, of course like him, teaching it, there is no corruptiveness in that. And you know what the best part of this plan is? To some extent things we associate with aging eg body hair, hardening of features come later for women, hence the association of youthful looks with femininity. These bonds were considered vital to a good life. We never noticed any spoken hint to a trace of the sexuality of Sai anywhere. Different artists and genres have different styles of course, but there is a long tradition of the "beautiful male" aka "bishonen" in Japanese comics and whole genres devoted to it. With marriage usually taking a backseat to careers these days especially with women in the industrial environment and most working adults being too tired to even have sex in the first place after they come home, planned pregnancy is not exactly high up on the priority list and unplanned pregnancy is something that nobody wants. But then I'm weird. He said through gritted teeth, "And so you want to tie me up, eh? Akira Touya is definitely a boy, read the text on the pages where Hikaru first meets him. She sputtered incoherent words that neither if the two young males understood as a sign of protest. But while Sai is clearly a Heian gentleman, his very long hair tied in the middle of his back is the epitome of Heian women's hair style. Yet if Obata-sensei intended Sai to be unequivocally male he would have not used details which deliberately undermine our perception of Sai as a man. I had always thought she sorry, he was a woman. Who should we get to animate it? Hikaru no Go is a G rated manga, we can't have any of that! He scanned the three students of his with his eye, yes, eye, for one is covered by the forehead protector, and stopped his stare at Sakura, "Sakura. Sai corrects Hikaru and tells about the ancient times and that even then women played Go. My full respect to homosexual people. The earrings are an anachronism too, Heian men and women did not wear earrings. As someone said on rgg, there is an episode in which Hikaru makes a very bad comment on women playing Go. In Sailor Moon, however, Makoto's name is generally shortened to "Mako" because to my understanding names ending in "ko" are generally female. How much could the younger manga readers identify with a Sai who looked like even Touya Meijin, much less many of the other adult males or females?

Sensei and sex

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