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Scandalous The smoking gun in Chang's story is a woman who was invited to a party and sat down on the floor with two couples. That this story even ended up in a book, let alone had an entire magazine article dedicated to it, is almost beyond comprehension. Swinging culture was born in California, and is even protected in the law courts. And, really getting their freak on, some people dressed up in costumes! It was called that because, apparently, it was super fast acting.

Patry sex

Sorry to be blunt, but: Presumably because the details that Chang has elicited about tech-bro culture are unlikely to elicit a response greater than "yeah, that sounds about right," her team has focused on claims of wild, drug-fueled sex parties hosted by all-male millionaires and billionaires in luxury locations to which young, nubile tech ladies are invited and then subjected to unspeakable actions. One of the men asked her if he could kiss her. Nothing remotely worth writing about happened. But then she regretted it. Hardly the Marquis de Sade. It was called that because, apparently, it was super fast acting. If you're feeling underwhelmed at this point, you're not that only one. But left before anything happened. And, really getting their freak on, some people dressed up in costumes! They allegedly took an "enhanced" version of ecstasy's main chemical component, MDMA, that was called — get this — Tesla. It was a fun party with lots of great people, but it wasn't a sex party. Worse was to come: And so ends the dullest sex-and-drugs story that anyone has ever told in the history of mankind. She was offered a white powder — which she took. So far it sounds like a not-very-good house party from university days. So she kissed him. It's true — he's admitted himself! It even extended to heavy petting. Even the Mighty Musk poured cold water on the over-heated claims. A good proportion of the country's marijuana in grown in the fields north of San Francisco. A pile of pillows, some crap costumes, and someone pretending they have some super drug. Much of the detail however appears to be pulled from a single party hosted by VC company Draper Fisher Jurvetson DFJ with a number of attendees recalling a far less debauched version of events. A full bunny suit, it seems, not a sexy bunny costume that you'd expect to see at the Playboy Mansion. In fact the only reason that Chang even bothers to mention the dull party seems to be in an effort to paint venture capitalists as some kind of drug-crazed billionaire bonkers.

Patry sex

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