Oma sex stories

My nipples touched her erect nipples, my face was on top of hers, and she locked her legs around my butt tightly. My grandma didn't seem to mind, she grabbed the soap. She reached her arms past my body and turned the water on even more. We talked a lot, and she bought me an Iced Capp. I hoped my parents would have been sleeping when I returned home all boozed up, but Dad was awake and smelled the breath of alcohol in my breath. The water felt really cool hitting my sizzling skin.

Oma sex stories

I felt the release of semen inside of grandma, and I also felt a warm liquidy feeling coming from grandma as we both groaned and finished off. I started to speed up my pace, fucking my grandma faster and faster, feeling the pleasure starting to extend throughout my body. My erotic short stories were partly experienced by myself or by people who are close to me. I squeezed my grandma's boobs as I felt the semen start boiling in my testicles. All of a sudden, I felt cool air hit my body. We were both getting wet as the water splashed all over the place. Using pre-cum as lubrication, I pushed my penis inside her wet cunt. I took my time as it was my first time having sex with a girl and it was her first time having sex since grandpa died a few years back I guess. I attended a friends party last night and got my 16 year old body drunk. I knew what we both wanted to do, and I had to start off. I touched my grandmothers shoulders and started applying soap there real slowly and carefully. From our faces all the way to our feet, we touched. It felt weird taking a shower at someone else's home. She is known as a teacher for young men who want to learn the arts of love. Her hair reached to her shoulders which was something some high school girls didn't have. Then looked at me and smiled. Grandpa died a few years back but Grandma hasn't changed anything since he left. I looked at her and wondered what to say, "Um, I don't have any other clothes and I don't have a towel. Like what's wrong with a 16 year old getting drunk on a Friday night? I was so excited that I thought of a plan. I wanted to sleep for even longer as I was still tired from last nights party, but my Dad came to my room with this angry look on his face. Grandma and I talked as she got coffee ready for me. This is exactly what is going on in my sex books. I stared at her gorgeous body in amazement. My penis felt so warm inside of my grandmothers wet pussy. I don't like coffee, but I guess it would make my Granny happy if I drank it.

Oma sex stories

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