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A lot of them were ordinary people. You offered one of your sisters to Frank Skinner as a gift when he interviewed you for The Culture Show on your 50th birthday. I was insulting him all the way through. He himself makes money off books. I find him smug, slow and tedious. He just turned into the embodyment of a couple of people I used to work with, liberals who lived their lives in order to be offended. Oh yes, and Solstice.

Mark e bolton sex

He makes getting run over seem like a better night than watching his painful performances. And before anyone judges me I enjoy sophisticated, eye-opening comedy, but it doesn't tick the key boxes in terms of humour. He's supposed to be funny in some unique way but he isn't , and don't dare diss him or you'll be told " you just don't get it " Why is he famous? Why don't they have the bleeding defender from Tranmere or summat from the top of the bleeding third division? Middle class up his own backside twddle As a lyricist, Smith was inspired more by literary giants than musicians, his words were extraordinary. I'm already starting to sit on a chair. I think the most impressive thing is his ability to find enough middle-aged angry champagne socialists to buy tickets for a horrendously unfunny act. No matter how smug they are. You need to buy a frankie boyle dvd fella, here's a tip He just turned into the embodyment of a couple of people I used to work with, liberals who lived their lives in order to be offended. Would you have handled all those kangaroo testicles and witchetty grubs? If the portly prick is so offended by cheap comments even if they're in bad taste without turning them around to form his stand-up routine then stay in the fucking house or don't watch it. The audience gives him alot of pity laughs. I found the show as a whole to be as clumsy and tiresome as Al Murrays Multiple Personality Shite on the other channel straight after it. The studio audience could barely rustle up a snigger. AC is popular because HE is funny and droll. Mr Lee's take on the tics and foibles of humankind can be amusing but not laugh out loud funny. As well as the music, Mark was the star of the show. It's amazing how many people got into it, potheads and all. He lacks one ingredient of comedy - he's not funny. What could explain it, I wondered to myself? He's a creation designed to satirise that kooky metropolitan "I hate the mainstream, me" superiority complex. How many were at Woodstock?

Mark e bolton sex

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