Linferie sex

Feb 12, More from Inc. We make sexy look attainable. Rovito explains the Eberjey approach. If you are below 21, please close the website. While it's the obvious and easy way out, we believe not. Rovito and Mejia get to the core of how their customer and product relate in real life.

Linferie sex

She explains the approach, "This comfort experience is the virtual setting for all of our marketing messaging. Genuine Quality Products Product imported directly from brand, officially custom cleared after paying relevant customs duties and surcharges. Getty Images You don't have to see very many beer or car ads to know that sex sells. Rovito and Mejia get to the core of how their customer and product relate in real life. Product legal for purchase and sale in India. We use unmarked, unbranded boxes for delivery. Today Eberjey is a top-selling lingerie brand in 1, specialty stores and 15 luxury department stores worldwide. We make sexy look attainable. When it comes to sexual satisfaction, we have what you need. Eberjey was created to sell lingerie to and for the people who actually wear it, women. That approach has worked for lingerie giant Victoria Secret as it struts its stuff on TV every winter. Earn while you Shop We value our customers and we believe in giving back to you when you shop with us or interact more with us. We use a lot of outdoor photography to connect the customer with freedom, nature and joy--and although we do occasionally use bedroom settings, they never scream sex. Companies often use underlying images of sex to capture audiences' time and respective attention. No This section is for mature audiences who are 21 and above. Rovito takes a bigger view beyond the bedroom to make their products desirable to the audience. Our models are always asked to look natural and relaxed, rather than posed in unnatural and awkward poses. Certainly a lingerie company would want to capitalize on its natural relationship with sex to grow sales. You also earn when you refer your friends to place order with us. Women want to feel beautiful, but they also want to buy something that they can actually wear for more than five minutes. We sell luxurious simplicity. The image of a woman in sexy lingerie can be off putting and even intimidating for many women," says Rovito. Rovito does believe that there is a time to be sexy, but she points out that this often stems from the inside rather than just the outside packaging. ThatsPersonal is dedicated to customer delight ensuring that everything from placing your order to delivering it right to your doorstep is smooth and hassle-free. In fact, we are most proud of the many customers that gift Eberjey to family and friends when offering emotional support--to a new mom, a sick friend, a mourning family member, etc.

Linferie sex

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  1. Here, Rovito shares tips on how to make your business sexy without actually selling sex. But the co-founder of Eberjey proves how a long, slow marketing approach will grow your business much better than the occasional quickie.

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