Lesibian sisters having sex

It felt much better than when I did it. I love seeing this kind of chemistry. She asked if I liked it and I told her I did. The naked sisters scissor each other, their hot wet cunts rubbing one against the other as she tribs her stepsister. Mandy asked if I wanted her to touch mine and I said yes. That's what caused that sticky wet spot on the carpet that I had stepped into a couple of times.

Lesibian sisters having sex

She started rubbing just my bump, not all over like I did. She had me turn so that my feet were by her head and pulled my panties down. Mandy asked if I wanted her to touch mine and I said yes. I didn't know it until much later, after we started having sex, that Dad had heard and watched us. I'd only seen mine with a mirror, but I still couldn't see inside. I hadn't heard the word clit or clitty before. Now I really felt like I had to pee, but not really! She started rubbing her finger on my winkie. Oh God, you're gonna make me cum! Matter of fact, her cotton panties are drenched in her pussy juices! I spread her lips and just looked for a minute. Her juice was running down between her butt cheeks. She started kissing down my chest and stuck her tongue into my belly button and wiggled it around. She started rubbing my little nipples, making them stick up. It made me all tingly and made me feel kinda funny, a good funny. She reached over and pulled my panties all the way off, then my nightie and had me turn around and lie beside her. Mandy crawled up beside me and gave a little kiss on the lips. Wiggle them around a little! Both girls are awesome! She started licking my winkie and pushing her tongue inside. She spread my legs apart and lay down between them. And I mean the playwright not the Star Trek character. It felt really hot and slippery inside there! So we have four lengthy segments of sisters having sex, in each case one of the characters protesting "it's not right", but very quickly disabused of that moralistic attitude by a simple smooch or feel. She pushes her top over her tits, her nipples are already fully erect as she runs her hands down her body, touching herself in the same way her beautiful stepsister is shamelessly touching herself in her bed. Then she did it to the other one.

Lesibian sisters having sex

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