Islamic sex questions

It is not permissible for a woman to inseminate herself with the sperm of a strange man; and it is permissible to do so with the sperm of her husband, even during the waiting period but not after it. If the husband has abandoned her, she can take her case to the religious judge who will then force the husband to choose one of two courses: Based on obligatory precaution, one should refrain from marrying such a woman except after her repentance. The forum does not change anything from questions, comments and statements received from our readers for circulation in confidentiality. Is it not necessary that most possible numbers of deserving people should be helped from sahm-e Imam? It is permissible for her to ask for divorce through the religious judge, if her husband refuses to fulfill her marital rights and also refuses to divorce her after the religious judge has ordered him to do one of the two. I am extremely sad and depressed because of this. The circumstances in which this could happen are the following: Is this water considered ritually pure, if it comes out without blood?

Islamic sex questions

Exposing the private parts for the purpose mentioned above is not allowed. If she seeks her parents advice, it is only for seeking their opinion or out of respect for them. Marriage Questions and Answers Question: If pregnancy occurs, whose child will this foetus be considered? Based on obligatory precaution, caution should be exercised in regard to both of them. Legal divorce according to Western laws had already taken place between a man and his wife. The justice that is required [in dealing with polygamy] is related to the division [of time between them] in the sense that when he spends a night with one of them then, he must spend one night each with the rest of them in every four nights. But her mahr dowry and her right of custody of children under the age of two should not be suspended because of her disobedience. Sometimes the doctors reach the following conclusion: This prioritization varies according to circumstances. Dear, he is your husband and he should understand you. I keep praying to Allah that this will improve. Therefore, it is not permissible for the mother to consent to the abortion just as it is not permissible for the doctor to go ahead with the procedure. Dear Burhan received your mails which you had forwarded but, some the answers for my question I didn't found, please reply me: Based on obligatory precaution, one should refrain from marrying such a woman except after her repentance. A wife neither obeys her husband nor fulfills her marital duties; she also goes out without his permission to stay with her own family for seven months. However, if there is a need that compels one to have children, and having children requires exposing the private parts, it is allowed. Then she married a man in temporary marriage for a length of time that has now ended. I try to look good for him, do my hair and makeup and dress up but none of that seems to arouse him. Is this permissible for her—regardless of whether or not it is reversible; and whether or not the husband agrees to it? Is it permissible for the mother to agree to the abortion? Is it permissible to look carefully at the body, with exception of the private parts, of the woman one intends to marry with sexual motivation or without it? In [an Islamic] marriage, the spousal relationship is established by the verbal expression of the proposition and the acceptance. I don't know what to do. Then instead of having recourse to Islamic laws, she goes to a non-Islamic court in order to get spousal maintenance, custody of the children, and divorce from her husband. However, if he does not do that, then the wife has to bear the situation patiently and wait [for a better future]. And [it is permissible], even if one knows that lustful thoughts will naturally occur [by looking at her].

Islamic sex questions

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  1. And [it is permissible], even if one knows that lustful thoughts will naturally occur [by looking at her]. If he refuses to do any of the two, and it is not possible to force him to adopt one of the two alternatives, the religious judge has the right to pronounce the divorce at her request.

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