Is oral sex biblical

It does differentiate between marriage, heterosexuality, male and female homosexuality, bestiality, and incest, but it really doesn't get into the specific acts that take place within those relationships. Whatever is done, it should be fully agreed on between the husband and his wife. Sixth, all Christians are to live together in a spirit of humility, practicing servanthood — not seeking our own interests, but the interests of others Philippians 2: Viewing Pornography is a Sin - Matthew 5: It is in no sense a biblically acceptable alternative to sexual intercourse for unmarried couples.

Is oral sex biblical

I believe we should avoid every sexual practice that is clearly forbidden in the world of God, and that we should enjoy the freedom God gives to us in other matters, subject to the governing principles stated above and our conscience. If oral sex is done within the confines of marriage and in the spirit of mutual consent, there is not a biblical case for declaring it to be a sin. So, yes, oral sex is a sin if done before or outside of marriage. The first thing we must say is that the Bible does not directly address this question. Even if her reticence is a matter of preference, I think the husband should honor it. Mutual Consent - 1 Corinthians 7: Rather, it is simply to assert that if the activity such as oral sex is the sort that tends to bring people to sexual climax, then that activity is clearly sexual in nature. Home Is oral sex between a married couple wrong? The Bible seems to assume that people know what it means when it prohibits these types of activities in relationships other than marriage, much like the American public assumed that President Clinton should have known when testifying under oath that "sexual relations" included oral sex in the fairly recent Monica Lewinski matter. Have you or your spouse been convicted by the Holy Spirit that oral sex is wrong? Non-married couples are not to practice premarital sex. The Bible does speak to us about our sexual conduct in general terms, and these principles should guide us. Does oral sex edify and fulfill both you and your spouse? Is oral sex a sin if done within a marriage? Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control. Is it for pure sexual pleasure or is it to fulfill a sexual fantasy derived from porn? However, there are some sexual principles that we can consider. The Bible is clear on sexual fidelity e. Question Is oral sex a sin? Answer Actually, the Bible doesn't specifically address the issue of oral sex. If these terms do not cover oral sex, then the Bible does not forbid a father and daughter to engage in oral sex together. If these terms to not cover oral sex, then the Bible does not forbid a son and mother to engage in oral sex together. Our sexual conduct in marriage should glorify God. When the husband or the wife does not feel that sex is a "beautiful expression of love," then changes need to be made in that couple's sex life. What makes it difficult is the fact that the Bible nowhere says what is allowed or disallowed sexually between a husband and wife, other than, of course, any sexual activity that involves another person swapping, threesomes, etc.

Is oral sex biblical

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Is oral sex a sin?

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  1. Jesus , the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried , and rose from the dead according to the Bible. It does not describe what particular acts fall into these categories, though it is clear from some of the cases in which these concepts are used that they cannot be limited to vaginal intercourse e.

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