Free sex surprise

She is blind and cautiously unfolds a cane before taking the man's hand. He carefully walks her through the garden and into a back door. She does so with great innocence and curiosity. Just because he's new doesn't mean he gets a free ride. You Might Also Like

Free sex surprise

She is blind and cautiously unfolds a cane before taking the man's hand. Maxwell takes in the room as he creeps around, checking out the daughter's things. From his periphery, the father walks back out to his car and notices Maxwell. She calls out into the darkness -- 'Is Somebody there? It falls to the floor with a bang and the daughter, seeming relieved, says 'Doctor, is that you? Maxwell snaps out of it and goes back to looking busy. His dick still in hand, Maxwell nervously allows her to touch his face. Maxwell nervously shakes her hand. He is tending the garden while staring at the girl's room, shots intercutting between the door and his face. Noticing Maxwell's stare, the coworker confides that the homeowner's daughter is blind. CUT to Maxwell stepping up to the back door and peering inside. CUT to inside the house. But, as the father drives off the property, Maxwell watches. It's sad because she just turned eighteen and is super-hot but her dad keeps her so sheltered. She is naked and feeling her way over to her bed. Noticing his breathing, the daughter stops and looks alarmed. I wasn't expecting you so soon! Maxwell looks lost in thought, barely listening to the guy. Sticking her hand out, she tells him her name is Fawn. He needs to get back to work before the boss sees him. He is wearing dirty work clothes and carrying gardening supplies. The camera reveals the landscaping being done on the estate and several other workers in the background. You Might Also Like He notices some clothes on the bed, alongside the girl's cane. He must get a closer look. Suddenly, the ensuite bathroom door opens and the daughter steps into the room.

Free sex surprise

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  1. She is blind and cautiously unfolds a cane before taking the man's hand. He picks them up, takes in a deep breath, and closes his eyes.

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