Free sex slave fiction

I started to go and answer it, and Dave stopped me. Lately, though, things my have gotten a little out of control. I didn't do it fast enough and was pushed to the greasy garage floor from behind. I could see my panties plain as day through the stretch material of the dress which seemed to make it more obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra. I loved the feeling of it jerking in my mouth, and the feel of his big balls tightening in my hand. I was told to thank them as I licked each cock clean every time it was used on me. When he pulled out of my throat, there was drool and spit from my own throat stringing to his dick. This time the guys pulled the little straps off my shoulders and rolled the dress down to expose my breasts to the whole club while I was felt up.

Free sex slave fiction

It took less than five minutes to get a nice orgasm right there at the table. It frightened me and excited me at the same time. Taylor and his bunch had taught me good in that short period of time and I just feel like accepting the easiest route and submit to the things they want to put me through. He said that some people believe in an afterlife, a world that your mind travels to once your body is dead. Arthur came last, and his cock was extremely stiff and hard, and positively hot to the touch. Then in a gesture I mistook for some kindness, Kick offered me a little rag to wipe off with after he wiped himself. The longer she stands in that position, the more she tries to relieve the pain by pulling herself up by her wrists. I was afraid to call Taylor for the rest of the week because I felt I would have to decide right then which way to go. I brought them to the two men, and the doorbell rang again. A large, burly man. He said that rape is the worst thing you can do to a person. His mouth hung open for just a second as he took in the fact that I was topless. Had John brought home another man to humiliate me? I never knew whether he as going to allow me pleasures or frustration when he fucked me. He pulled up next to me and asked me if I was OK. When he pulled out of my throat, there was drool and spit from my own throat stringing to his dick. What was painful about being locked in the closet, was the shoes that John made me wear. I was acutely aware of my breasts, long since forgotten since I was a girl with developing upper body curves. He could have been a weight lifter, or wrestler. On command, I was required to part my knees when sitting, either to allow a view of my thighs, or access to my genitals, should he wish to feel me, or finger-fuck me. I rode there in some discomfort for some time, as I was taken to our destination. I was held down and my hair was pulled up, tied in a painfully tight knot at the back of my head. We would often take long drives with me wearing handcuffs, and with my hands pulled down between my spread knees and anchored to the seat tightly by a chain connected to the cuffs. Whatever was going to happen, was going to happen, and that was that. The nicest thing he does for me is feed me nasty gruel and dispose of my waste, but sometimes he forgets to do even that. By the end of the second week, I felt the withdrawal pains and called Taylor. I like to make her take my cum - I like to fill her up every day, pumping my hot sperm into her cunt or mouth.

Free sex slave fiction

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