Elegant and sexy

From formal shirts to lace and crop tops, they can be paired with anything. The slim pants, handbag, and sunglasses add a finishing touch. Pencil skirts define your shape — they also make you look thinner and curvier. You can still look very stylishly casual with legging jeans and flats that are matching with a pretty blouse and a necklace. However, when it comes to the red lipstick, women often choose the wrong color and end up getting disappointed. Pencil skirts are a fashion staple.

Elegant and sexy

Choose the right skirt: However, if your skin tone is warm, a fiery red shade will suit you more. With simply adding red heels and a red blouse to an already fabulous look of a dark blue, pleated, flared skirt and top, you will definitely turn heads. No ladies, they are not. So without further ado, here are the 29 classy and elegant summer outfits: Though these are slightly heavier on the pocket, they will stay with you for the rest of your life. This is the case with most of the other fashion staples: If you are a flats girl, know that it is okay to skip the heels — gladiator sandals are as hot as your pair of sexiest heels. To perk up your style, always carry a good bag. We must warn you though: Choose the right heels: There is nothing more unattractive than a woman limping around in sky-high heels. Bag is the most understated fashion accessory. However, a wrong cut can harm more than you think. If you are very fair, use a bright red lipstick. There is a thin line between sexy and trashy. Pencil skirts are a fashion staple. On an under-confident woman, a red lipstick only looks misplaced. With a handbag, heels, and sunglasses, this look gives the impression of being smart and well put-together. The shoes and hi-class bag complete the look. Wearing all black with the heals, legging pants, and top already looks great. You can choose from suede, velvet, or leather. The French actress Sophie Marceau wearing evening gloves. Pencil skirts define your shape — they also make you look thinner and curvier. A plunging neckline can make you look both sexy and elegant if you wear it right. Choose heels that are comfortable to walk in. With the navy blue slacks, black, open-toe heels, a black handbag, and a white blouse, you will standout.

Elegant and sexy

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Sexy Elegant Dresses

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  1. Carefully choose your red lipstick: These heels will even make the red bottoms jealous.

  2. However, the luxurious necklace really makes this look stand out along with a clutch purse.

  3. With a satin-looking blouse and a satin-looking, pencil skirt, you will look great at work, while meeting with friends, and more.

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