Cartoon sex total drama island

Courtney's ass jiggled every time Chris pushed into her and her grip on the desk tightened roughly. Courtney was paralyzed with shock, fear and utter disbelief. By now Chris had gotten rather annoyed with Courtney's empty threats and insults. She tried to hold back the moans but she couldn't help it. After something like ten seconds, he simply let go of her nipples and began to motorboat her breasts, squeezing them together to squish his face between them and licentiously licking and sucking away at every bit of skin in her caramel cleavage.

Cartoon sex total drama island

Chris approached Courtney and pulled her sweater vest off her head. Prior to the show his career had stumbled onto a bit of a ten year slump but now he was rolling in dough again. She could feel everything her body did but couldn't control anything because her body didn't belong to her anymore…it belonged to Chris. She was trying to pounce at him, to punch him, to do anything, but she just couldn't. The device also had a small ring through which one could attach a leash to it. The sweaty smell from his crotch horrified Courtney and she was very relieved when she began to pull the dick out of her mouth, only to be horrified again when she took it in once more. All the while, she continued to suck on his dick. Her hands went for her waist and began to slowly pull down the olive pants off her legs while she seductively shook her ass. Her lips parted slightly and she began to slowly take in Chris' dick into her mouth; her tongue sensuously rubbing the head as it went in deeper until it hit the entrance to her throat. Not slamming it in like in brutal amateur pornos, but slipping it in at a decent speed, yet with great force. Despite what Chris had promised, he was not making any attempts at making it good for her; he was fucking her roughly in the cruelest way possible to give only himself pleasure. When she was starting to leave, Chris spoke to her again. I was very popular on season one and you cheated me out of my money! He'd bought it off a shadowy American government agency who didn't want to have it on their hands anymore and he'd been shown that it worked perfectly. When Courtney saw the device, she was outraged to say the least. Then he smiled wickedly again and sat down on top of his desk. Chris didn't know what to do except take cover, but Courtney was just too fast for him, grabbing him by the shirt collar and hoisting him a few inches in the air. Chris chuckled and grasped Courtney's ass again, only this time it wasn't to play with it but rather to get a firm hold on something while he aligned his cock with her pussy. No amount of money is worth being in your sick little fetish game! She hated Chris and she was murderously furious at what he was doing to her, but her breasts had always been very sensitive and Chris' fondling was actually giving her a lot of physical pleasure. While she was distracted with the door, Chris approached the brunette slyly and placed the collar around her neck, clicking it shut and locking it in place. Don't be so bitter. For the next twenty minutes, Chris doggystyled Courtney while she moaned and hurled abuse at him. Yet, she wouldn't give him the pleasure of hearing her moan. I knew my will would be victorious! The money was still fucking great and Chris couldn't ask for more.

Cartoon sex total drama island

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