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The film's heroines shoot to kill, no questions asked. It won the Prix de Flore, the literary prize offered annually by the famous literary cafe on the Boulevard St Germain. Catherine Tasca, French culture minister, moved swiftly and quietly to reinstall the long-abolished '18' certificate, and the film was eventually reclassified and re-released under this category. Overnight, the film version of Despentes's bestselling debut novel became the most widely debated French cultural artefact for decades, with some dismissing it as exploitative pseudo-pornography, while others hailed a violent art movie in the tradition of Reservoir Dogs. Of course it's fine to have porn films and porn actresses, but when you put them in a naturalistic drama that causes all kinds of problems. Today, she is regarded as the pioneer of a new genre of feminist literature which has seized the sexual act as its own territory.

Baise moi sex clips

The only problem is that people will be frightened to see the film, even though for audiences used to De Palma, Scorsese and Tarrantino, it's not outrageous. Of course, they want to make films about people like us, but they don't want us in their cosy little cinematic world. There, she shut herself away and read - 'mainly politics, Surrealism and novels' - and studied film-noir videos. In the middle, Despentes and Trinh Thi were roundly ignored by those defending their freedom of expression. That's the real violence and obscenity in our society. It happens, of course, but we're not allowed to acknowledge it. We were always on the edge of making a bad movie, of the production grinding to a halt through lack of money, of pressure from outside influences - it was very difficult. True, it's quite hard, but not unwatchable. Having been rejected by every major publishing house, the manuscript was eventually accepted by niche publishers Florent-Massot. Unlike most of the drivel published in Britain under the tag of 'chick lit', its French counterpart is characterised by violence and an aggressive political agenda - it aims to tear down the pretence of gender equality and rekindle the national debate on male violence. Everything was a struggle, every idea had to be haggled over, because there was no money. Eventually, the state compromised by awarding the film an 'X' certificate, a classification normally reserved for porn movies. All I wanted to do was sleep, but there was so much fuss, and we were so wired, that I couldn't even do that. Likewise, rare moments of calm, which suggest a deep bond between the heroines, are shattered by the sudden and exponential violence. By the time it was published, 50, copies of Baise-Moi had been pre-sold and the text translated into 10 languages. And so Virginie Despentes - former punk, one-time beggar, massage-parlour hostess, rock journalist and rapper - was finally drawn to the bosom of France's literary industry. That's a little too close to historical reality. More than a little, actually. Porn actors come much cheaper than their mainstream counterparts. Having decided the sex should be real rather than simulated, they needed actors accustomed to being filmed in flagrante delicto. Instead, we were simply too raw, too real for them. Because you've destroyed the idea that they are sexual toys and brought them to life. Of course it's fine to have porn films and porn actresses, but when you put them in a naturalistic drama that causes all kinds of problems. The ban, say the co-directors, was a form of 'ritual humiliation', a way of making an example of them. Meanwhile, some independent cinema owners defied the ban, risking a hefty fine in the process. It's a fantasy, a rather joyful fantasy. It is Saturday lunchtime, the market four floors below is hectic and noisy and the drawn curtains make the room suitably dingy.

Baise moi sex clips

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