Anderson county sex offender list

However, some of the customized options and improvements will take time to implement. Also, while the exact address of level 3 offenders can be provided to the public, the law provides that only an approximate address based on zip code can be provided for level 2 offenders. How is someone supposed to know which information is correct? With this system, all eyes are open from county and local law enforcement to protect our children. He said he has built a rapport with the Department of Public Safety in Nevada. Laura Hudson, the executive director of South Carolina Crime Victims Council, described the state's sex offender registry as a "passive" system, meaning it's up to residents to find the information. Each one of these offenders represents a victim or a survivor, depending on where that person is in their life right now.

Anderson county sex offender list

It also provides our investigators in the field the ability to remotely verify and update the status of an offender. At the direction of Mr. The SLED site does not indicate the sex offender is an absconder, or noncompliant, because he's in jail, Berry said. The confusion arises when the information is checked against the state registry. The state researches the tip and contacts the proper jurisdiction. Some offenders are required to register every three months. These are kids like myself who grew up and are literally afraid of what our abusers can do because we know what they did do. It is important for the public to be diligent, she said, because sex offenders sometimes can move here from another state and "we don't know it. How the registry works More than 15, individuals are labeled as sex offenders in the South Carolina registry, according to SLED records. Moreover, now there will be the added value of all residents to know when an offender is living in their community as an additional safeguard. A data conversion issue caused information for juvenile sex offenders, more than in the state, to be available for about 12 days in January, Berry said. The names, pictures, birth dates, addresses and physical descriptions — the same information available for adult offenders — was published. Keep up with his stories through the Facebook page, Romando The Reporter. The uncertainty arose as the state transitioned to new tracking software this year. Kidnapping and trafficking in persons, depending on the details of the case, may also land a person on the sex offender registry. Laura Hudson, the executive director of South Carolina Crime Victims Council, described the state's sex offender registry as a "passive" system, meaning it's up to residents to find the information. Two other victims were found after I made my report, which meant that my offender took three kids over the course of 12 years and molested them. Within weeks of using SORT and encountering various issues, multiple counties agreed to a contract with OffenderWatch, a paid subscription service that previously was in effect statewide. Gauthier said this does not happen with SORT. The law does not require all convicted sex offenders register. In addition to misleading information, the state inadvertently published juvenile sex offender information online for nearly two weeks when the new system was rolled out. As a next step the county is encouraging all local police agencies to contribute to this important web site registry in order to provide the public with as much centralized access to sex offender information as possible. Fisher, who lives in Las Vegas, has audited sex offender registries nationwide for about six years. Fisher said he has provided more than tips to law enforcement nationwide. An individual is considered a sex offender in South Carolina if convicted of certain crimes, including, but not limited to: SLED maintains the database, can customize the software to South Carolina laws and create functionalities the sheriffs want.

Anderson county sex offender list

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